Buoncristiani Family Winery


Buoncristiani Family Winery is a collaboration of four brothers born into a wine-loving family in the Napa Valley. As young children, the brothers worked each season alongside their father in the small vineyards he tended as well as in the small garage cellar to produce the family “home-made” wines. These early hands-on [...]

Lobo Wines


About 20 years ago, looking for a retreat from the city and careers, we bought our first home in the Napa Valley and planted our first Chardonnay vineyard. After that fruit immediately produced wine with stratospheric ratings, we acquired a much larger vineyard close by, rewarded with exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot [...]

Patland Estate Vineyards


Rarely is it that someone visits the beautiful and tranquil Napa Valley, without imagining themselves leading the life of a winemaker. There is something wholesome and true about making wine. Twenty-five years ago, when Henry and Olga first came to Napa as a young couple, it was no different. They could not [...]

Waugh Family Wines


It’s been said that there are two ingredients in the making of wine, grapes and the winemaker. While Waugh Cellars surely has the first, the wine would be nothing without the second. However, calling Ryan Waugh simply a winemaker would not do justice to all the work he does. Better to call [...]

Hertelendy Wines


The history of Hertelendy wines represent our Old World family tradition over several centuries. From 18th-century vineyards in Slovakia to Great-Uncle Gábor Hertelendy in Hungary to today – these traditions have been reborn in the New World with quality vintage selections from the Napa Valley to bridge both sides of the Atlantic. [...]

Sciandri Family Vineyards


The Sciandri Family arrived in Napa in 1992, purchasing 20 acres of untouched pasture, begging to be planted.  So, it was not long before we planted our first Cabernet Sauvignon field and started our adventure in wine. Our family winemaking roots can be traced back to the small town of La Quercia, located [...]

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